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Hazel Escape - The story of this game is to escape the beautiful girl from the house where she has been arrested by some unknown person. She needs your hel ...
Welcome to Harowa! - Welcome to Harowa is a new point and click escape game from Ancho. Find items and solve puzzles to escape this room. Good luck and have fun!
The Queen of Snakes - Help the courageous explorer find the treasure of the snake temple. Solve puzzles and collect useful items along the way! Good luck and have ...
Escape From Abandoned Theatre - The story of this game is to escape the Abandoned theatre where you have been locked by some unknown people. Assume that one day you got stu ...
Tenant House Escape - The story of this game is to escape the Tenant house where you have been locked inside. Assume that someone has locked you inside the tenant ...
Big Den Escape: Episode 3 - This is the next episode of Big Den Escape. Still you are trapped in big den. Till now you have to search for objects for surviving and you ...
Warfield Escape - A Great solider got wounded and could not find the ways to escape from the war field. He needs your help to escape from the war field. Try t ...
Escape from Hobbit House - I was moving around in the forest suddenly a small man with hairy feet appear in front of me and I guessed he was a Hobbit.As he found me st ...
Mountain Wooden House - Mountain Wooden House is another new point and click, escape the House game. In this game you must search for items and clues to escape the ...
Daredevil House Escape 2 - You went out for a trip and rented a house. While you went inside of house the door of the house is automatically locked and you are trapped ...
Bike Trial 4 - Ride a trial motorbike over a variety of challenging obstacles. Try to get through all levels without falling off the motorbike. Good luck!
Escape from the Dentist - A Mom asks his son to come for dental check up, as he is having pain in his teeth, but the child doesn’t want to go since he is scare ...
Stone Village Escape - You are trapped inside a stone village. The every house of village is created by stone. You have to escape from there by finding use full cl ...
Bishop House Escape - Long, long ago, there lived a Bishop in the palace and he governed the kingdom in the right path. One day very one in the kingdom left the c ...
Castle Escape - The little boy got holed in the Dark castle and he could not find the way to escape from the place. Now the boy's situation is so serious, C ...
Cute Snail Escape - A Cute Snail has been trapped in The Hut , so you will need to collect the necessary objects to make The Snail escape from The Hut,if you ha ...
Secret Cave Escape - The story of this game is to escape from the forest which is located at the secret place in the city border. Assume that you lost the map of ...
Nightmare Temple Escape - Youre trapped inside the Nightmare temple and find some useful items to interact to resolve the puzzles to escape. Good luck!
Reisen 10 - Finally after a way too long time ,the continuation of Jitters travel to her grandma. This is the final episode of Reisen series. Finaly, Ji ...
Escape Fan Elevator: Episode 2 - Imagine you are an employee of a company which has the office in a high office building. Every day you had chosen the stairs instead of the ...
Little Fairy Escape - The story of this game is to escape the little fairy from the place where she has become a statue because of curse. Try to help her using yo ...
Escape From Forbidden Forest - The story of this game is to escape from the forbidden forest by repairing the boat. Assume that you have been stuck inside the forest which ...
Ruins of Fog - Ruins of fog is a brand new japanese escape the room game developed by Nagamochi. Search for items and clues to escape the room. Good luck!
Wooden Pieces - This is a challenging highscore game where you place wooden and metal items in such a way, that you manage to carry out the mission of the l ...
Desert Treasure Escape - The story of this game is to find the treasure hidden inside the pyramid. Your task is to find the diamonds which helps to open the lock whe ...
Wilderness Survival Escape Day 3 - It's day 3 in the wild, thank goodness you were able to sleep in a big soft comfy bed last night. Now it's time to get moving, it's hard to ...
Exotic Escape - You are locked in exotic room with exotic environment. There is some guy sitting there, but he isn’t talking to you. So you must esca ...
Inconel - Imagine your father was a detective. You had been hearing rumours in the school that in the deserted factory which situated next to your sch ...
Souls House Escape - The story of this game is to escape from the house of souls. Assume that you have been locked inside the house which is occupied by many sou ...
Green Plant Room Escape - Imagine your mother had serious pains in her head and back during the last week so she asked you to take the next few days with her in order ...
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