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Latest games
Cabeza: Favorite Escape 6 - Search the room to find items and clues to escape. Good luck and have fun!
Crazy Escape from Rabbit Island - You’ve trapped inside the Giant Rabbit Island. To escape, you need to approach the ship by finding items and solving puzzles before i ...
Funny House - Show you talent to find all the numbers in these picture. Enjoy!
Frog Lake Escape - In this game, you try to escape the place by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!
Glamor Hall Escape - Glamor hall is the newly built by one person. if you entered once in that hall. That cannot get out from there. Now, assume that you are ins ...
Mori Room Escape - In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!
Fresh Bathroom Escape - You're locked inside a beautiful bathroom and you must find some useful items to interact to help you escape.Good luck and have fun!
Sneaky House of Mistery - Sneaky has a new escape for you! He designed this house with you in mind. Now wasn't that nice of him? He loves creating puzzles and hiding ...
Abducted by Zombies - You were waiting for a bus when a zombie appeared out of nowhere. It grabbed a hold of you! That's when you passed out. You just woke up, in ...
Baby Girl Recovery - Pretty baby girl got injured while playing and she is crying for help, its a good thing that you are around to help her out. Give her proper ...
Playroom Escape - You are locked in this playroom with Bill and Maria. You haven’t seen them before. Try to work as a team to get out of this place and ...
Crazy Toilet Escape - You're trapped into your own toilet, try to escape the factory by solving the puzzles and with the help of objects. Have Fun!
Alice House 3: House of White Rabbit - The House of White Rabbit is third episode of Japanese point'n click game Alice House from Funky Land. Have fun!
Cute Duckling 4 - In this game, you search around for finding items and solving puzzles. Enjoy the lovely graphics. Good luck and have fun!
Escape from the Room of Bunk Beds - This is a new Japanese Escape game from Darakeguma. Search the room for items and clues, solve puzzles and escape! Good luck and have fun!
Pou Pirate Shot - Pou become a pirate and is seeking for treasure. He found treasure on an island in the middle of the ocean.However, there are other pirates ...
Abducted By Aliens 3 - You managed to escape an alien UFO and an alien prison. The last thing you know, Jerry was going to help you get home, but first he needed t ...
Abducted By Aliens 2 - You were abducted by aliens after looking through your new telescope. Now It's day 2, You made it off of the alien UFO only to end up in an ...
10 Gnomes in Venice - This year we’re going on a gnome hunt to Venice in Italy. Point and click your way through location, find gnomes. Have fun!
Sassy Girlfriend House Escape: Coffee Story - You're lock inside you girlfriends home to resove some puzzles to win her love.Good luck and have fun!
Abducted by Aliens - You were checking out the stars in your new telescope when you saw something strange. A UFO came down out of the sky and abducted you. Now y ...
Babysitter Escape - The Parents go for the party leaving their child with a babysitter. They ask the babysitter to dress up the baby and bring her to the party. ...
Escape the Harvest Festival - You were at the Harvest Festival with your grandparents. Your Grandpa told you if you wondered off he would leave you, he wasn't kidding! No ...
Factory Escape - You trapped into the factory, so try to escape the factory by solving the puzzles and with the help of on the objects to inter ...
Back in the Forest - Help the funny monkey to find his way back to the forest. Good luck!
Ferret Room Escape - Imgine you are an addicted ferret lover who have been keeping this unique pet for years. You have won several beauty competition with this s ...
Sweet Revenge - Crazy dad is about to go crazy! His kids spends all his money on candies, so he must find a way to get the local candy shop out of town. Goo ...
Mira Paris - This is a picture-book-like point and click game from no1game, the 2nd episode of Mira Series. Solve some puzzles, find the items, and read ...
Cinderella Pretend Stage 15 - Search for clue's and items, use them ,solve puzzles and escape. Good luck!
Modern Room Escape - The story of this game is to escape from the modern house where you have been locked by some unknown person. Assume that you have lost the k ...
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