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Room Escape game
The Birdcage
Room Escape game
Murder Mall Escape
Room Escape game
Murder Mall Escape
Room Escape game
The Birdcage
Room Escape game
Buried Alive
Room Escape game
Buried Alive
Room Escape game
High School Escape 2
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Black And White Escape Part 3 - This is the third stage of black and white game series. Once you completed your date with your friend you are taking rest at your friend's h ...
Koala Kid - Koala Kid is very sad, because it is his birthday and he does not know where his birthday party is. Help him find a way to the party to make ...
Kids Leeway Room Escape - Your mischievous activities are brought to the notice of your parent who had grounded you to your room. Find a way to get out of this room f ...
Front Room Escape - You are trapped inside front room of your own house which is far away from the city. You are alone in the room and no one near to help you o ...
Hill Cave Escape - You are working as a reporter in a news channel, your boss given a task for you to investigate about the forest on the hill about the strang ...
Detective Exorcism and Sleeping Beauty - A one detective exorcism, Dreaming about the sleeping beauty in the evening, The tomb of a vampire, due to the strong curiosity, he decided ...
Mushroom Forest Escape - In this game you must search for items and clues to escape the Forest. Have fun!
Dwelling Room Escape - In this game you are trapped inside a dwelling room in this room all the objects are new for you. You have to escape from there by finding t ...
Pou Jelly World - Pou just transformed into a jelly. Now it can move like a jelly where it can turn into any shade. Help Pou reach the platform successfully w ...
Cave Light Escape - You are looking for some adventure and decided to go for trekking alone in the nearby forest cave. But you are gone misguided to this isolat ...
ET Escape 4: The Mysterious Monolith - A team of archaeologists have gone missing on the jungle moons. As soon as you land your ship. It mysteriously loses power. You must find th ...
Single Storey House Escape - You are living a building on the first floor which has many rooms, your family members locked the entire house and went for shopping. You ar ...
Lucys Dream Adventure - Help Lucy to break out from her strange dream! Enjoy!
Black And White Escape Part 2 - This is the second stage of black and white game. Once you escaped from the jungle by finding the key of your bike and reached your house, y ...
Exchequer Escape - Getting trapped is always a terrible grief. Just put you in a situation that you got trapped inside your own office. You are working as an e ...
Snake Mansion Venomous Escape - Be Alert! In venomous mansion have several venomous snakes and terrible puzzles to solve. That has a brave heart to find the hidden puzzles. ...
Snooker Room Escape - You are in your idols room and you find yourself trapped. If someone finds you here they arrest you for trespassing. If you dont want to go ...
Be Alien - Our hero BeGamer was teleported to some strange planet. Aliens captured him and now he needs to find a way out. Will you help him?
Easter Egg Escape - Easter Egg Escape is another new point and click, escape the room game. In this game you must search for items and clues to escape the room. ...
Hurry and Escape: The Roof - You are trapped on the roof! You don't remember anything about how you ended up here, but you need to find a way out! You need to pay attent ...
Escape From Caveman - One day you went for the adventure trip with your family to deep forest. While moving on, you got stuck at the place which has a small cave. ...
Laboratory Escape - You are a lab technician, when you are working in your laboratory some unknown person locked the exit door of the lab and you cannot open th ...
Black And White Escape Part 1 - Greetings to our fans, with your encouragement and support we made a new kind of art in our escape game. Kindly send you feedback to us. Des ...
Dora Plane Escort - Dora friends are lost in the air when flying their plane in the sky. Dora mission is to gather all of her friends plane and bring to the bac ...
Mart Escape - Today you went for shopping in a big mart. It's mart closing time but u are busy on shopping after sometime what you seen there is no one in ...
Rooms of Art 4 - Rooms of Art 4 challenges you to find all 130 hidden objects scattered across a cool painting. Choose between 2 difficulty modes and collect ...
Sovereign Room Escape - In this game you are trapped in a sovereign room. In that room there are so many weapons and object of a sovereign. You have to escape from ...
Cavern Escape - This is a point-and-click adventure gam. Have fun!
Grand Room Escape - You are trapped inside a grand room. In this room all the things are looking grand and royal. You have to escape from there by finding the u ...
Outlaws Escape - They found you robbing a bank, luckily you managed to hide. Now it's time to escape! Good luck!
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