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Escape Challenge
Room Escape game
The Birdcage
Room Escape game
Murder Mall Escape
Room Escape game
Murder Mall Escape
Room Escape game
The Birdcage
Room Escape game
Buried Alive
Room Escape game
Buried Alive
Room Escape game
High School Escape 2
Latest games
Magic Coin Room Escape - You are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and using them to solve puzzles. Enjoy!
Royal House Escape - Hi myself jack, i am living in a royal house. I have missed my house key.So i can't get away. Now i need your help to escape me from my hous ...
Yoyos Escape - Today you were to the your friend's house for playing, but your friend was not at the house and you are trapped in his modern house. You are ...
Joker Room Escape - You must search for items and clues to escape the room. Good luck!
Clue House Escape - Assume that you went to the house of your friend for vaccation. You guys where planned to play some interesting games and started playing hi ...
Restaurant Puzzle Room Escape - Imagine you are locked inside the Restaurant. You have a work at outside, so you have to open the door by using the objects and clues inside ...
Fantasy House Escape - Assume that one day in a deep sleep you are dreaming like entering into the fantasy house and enjoying your day by getting attracted after s ...
Nice Green Hall Escape - Search for clue's and items, solve puzzles to escape the room. Enjoy!
Numbscape: Ghost Room - This is a little point and click escape game from escapefan where task is to scare away ghost and obtain 10 pieces of code to unlock exit an ...
Hooda Escape Ranch - You were invited to join your friend at the ranch. When you got there you couldn't find them and your ride left. Now you have to figure out ...
Schoolwork Room Escape - Williams was studying in Ecole Amirault. Williams having unique room for doing his school work. One he did his school work very sincerely. h ...
Letters in Mysterious Treasure - Three mysterious pictures which hide letters! You can choose one of them and have 300 seconds for each of them. There are 26 hidden letters ...
Mario Great Adventure 6 - Mario once again on an adventure to find bowser and destroy him.However,in order to reach bowser castle, mario needs to take a a journey fu ...
Finditto Hidden Objects - Finditto Hidden Objects is new online hidden object game by Cengiz Turk. Good luck!
Truck Rush 3 - Your goal is to accelerate as quickly as possible through all 40 levels to try and get as many stars as you can. Have fun!
3 Pandas in Brazil - The crazy 3 pandas are back and making their escape once again! They were captured by a poacher but escaped his trap and landed in Brazil!! ...
Love Tales - Help the Cupid guy to shoot some love arrows and find the true love to himself as well! Good luck!
Gold Mine Escape - Assume that one day a guy planned to stole loads of gold from the old mine located at their city. He entered into the mine with his team, bu ...
Vortex Point 4 - Join Kevin and the gang and help them solve the mystery behind the crimes at the Vortex Point artists square! Good luck!
Hidden Gnomes: Fantastic Land - To complete the game you will need to find all the gnomes living in this territory. Good luck!
Jungle Doll Escape - Solve puzzles, find clue's and items in order to escape the room. Good luck!
Cover Orange: Journey Knights - Make sure the fruit is protected from the deadly rain. Use your MOUSE to place all objects and wait for the cloud to pass by. Good luck!
A Tale of Two Yetis - It was the best of yetis, it was the worst of yetis. Abominable Escape is the tale of two yetis, well, technically one yeti from two points ...
Spy House Escape - Assume that you are a person engaged in obtaining information that is considered secret or confidential without the permission of the holder ...
Winter Wooden Room Escape - Winter wooden room escape is another point and click, room escape game by xtragamingz. Search for clue's and items ,solve puzzles and escape ...
Hurry and Escape: The Pirate Ship - You will never get out of trouble! You are trapped in a pirate ship now! Hurry up and escape as you don't have much time. This is quite a bi ...
The Last Door - Chapter 3 : The Four Witnesses - Welcome to Old Nichol, one of the most depressing and dangerous places to be in the Victorian London. Devitt emerges back from the grave, wi ...
Dora Epic Battle - Dora needs to collect all the blue gems on the platform. However, there is the evil Swiper out there that wants to stop dora from getting al ...
Find HQ Gym - You are a member of a secret club. The headquarters is now located somewhere in the gym. Go find it. Good luck!
Fifish - Fifish is our friendly fish, he just saw a cell phone that he really wants, but, it costs 23 pearls... Can you help our friend to find the h ...
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