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Escape Challenge
Room Escape game
The Birdcage
Room Escape game
Murder Mall Escape
Room Escape game
Murder Mall Escape
Room Escape game
The Birdcage
Room Escape game
Buried Alive
Room Escape game
Buried Alive
Room Escape game
High School Escape 2
Latest games
Wooden Hut Escape - Trapped inside this hut you have to find a way to come out. Try by using the clues found in the hut and escape. Good luck!
Apartment Escape - You are trapped inside an apartment. The door is lock and you don't know where is key. This apartment is new for you so you are in big troub ...
Escape Game 24 - This is a new type of escape game. In this game someone trapped you inside a house and you have to escape from this house. The new and inter ...
Skull Rider Hell - The cool skull is going to travel through the hell. He is riding his coolest bike and need to light up all the blue flame in order to open t ...
Birds Escape - The flying motto of this escape game is to release the locked bird in the steel door cage on the tree by using your specialized skills throu ...
The Grand Police Escape - You've just robbed a bank together with your partner and now the police is trying to catch you. You have to drive your red muscle car in the ...
Hidden Coins: Dragons - To complete the game you will need to collect all the coins scattered around the dragons in 3 different levels. Have fun!
25 - Use the cursor keys to move all the blocks. Push same numbered block together to level up. Red blocks will block you, match 3 or more reds i ...
Candy World Escape - In this escape game you are trapped in a fantasy candy world. This is look like another world. You don't know how you came here and which pl ...
Mystery Of Ice - There is a wonderful device that allows you to get inside the pictures. Assemble the parts of this device and go into the picture. Help the ...
Green Room Escape - You got locked inside the green room of your friends house. This is happened unfortunately because of your friend. one day you went to the h ...
Submachine 9: The Temple - Point and click your way around, collecting items and solving puzzles and learn more about this massive in-game universe. Have fun!
Royal House Escape - One day you went to the house of your friend to see how the house was built. Being a royal house it has multiple room. So you forgot the exi ...
Diamond Bed Room Escape - In this game you must search for items and clues to escape the room. Have fun!
J-Tubeus: Steam Adventure - J-Tubeus is your ordinary hat-wearing, boombox-toting robot. He has no time for adventures... right up until he finds himself bot-napped! So ...
Green Bed Room Escape - The objective of the green bed room is to find the seven hidden flowers from the green objects by solving the excellence green bed room puzz ...
Office Meeting Room Escape - In this game you must search for objects and clues to escape the room. Have fun!
Adam and Eve 2 - Adam and Eve 2 is a funny point and click adventure game. Help Adam to explore the environment and interact with objects in the right order ...
Space Traveler Room Escape - You're trapped in the room filled with the secrets of the galaxies, planets and stars. The more you stay in the room the dizzier you feel. T ...
Abandoned Fort Escape - You are trapped inside the Abandoned Fort. It's a great challenge for you, search for the available clues and objects and try to escape from ...
A Ghostly Journey - Lets play this new and interesting game called A Ghostly Journey!! You have to help the ghost to pass throughout the path and possess with t ...
Alexia Crow: The Deal of the Gods - Alexia Crow: The Deal of the Gods is a new point and click, adventure game. Search items, use them ,solve puzzles and escape. Good luck!
Polar Escape - Youre trapped in a South Pole station. Escape quickly, as time is running out. Good luck!
Escape Airport - You were at the airport and found out your flight was canceled. When you went to leave you found a girl who lost her gems. You have to help ...
Doors 2: Daves New Job - The sequel for the famous puzzle platformer ‘Doors’ is finally here, Dave found a new job but was stuck in an office, help him ...
Escape Soon - You got locked inside a abandoned palace while going to investigate about the suicide made their two weeks before. you shout at the extreme ...
Painting Room Escape - In this game you are trapped inside a beautiful painting room. You are trying to search key around you but there are only so many paintings. ...
Pirates Ship Escape - You are a business man; your business is of export and import through Sea. But today is bad day for you because some pirates trapped you and ...
Celebrity Gold Room Escape - Escape from the Gold Room by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in room. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinati ...
Pupil Room Escape - The door of the room is locked. You want to escape from there by finding useful object, and hints. Find the right way to escape from the sta ...
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